Wrapping This Year Up

My Grandpop used to always say that the older you get the faster the years go (He also used to say that Chinese food was healthy because, according to him, “You never see a fat Chi-nee, Nick.”). I didn’t believe him, because to me school years took foreverrrrr but now that I’m old as whatever that unidentifiable mold is in that ziploc container in the back of your fridge (is it….moving?), yes, I believe him. It seems like it was yesterday that I woke up last Christmas with Bells Palsey (true story!) and it’s been a whole year later. And my face works fine now (it took about 2 months to go away).

I did some shows in DC, Baltimore and NYC and traveled again out to LA. I met some super nice people, great comics and worked on a lot of new material. I even managed to start a podcast for Didjaeat? (speaking of which I did some awesome interviews while I was in LA and I have some amazing guests lined up for 2015!).

I’m excited for 2015 and all the weirdness it should bring. Thanks to everyone who downloaded a podcast episode, came to a show, booked me, bought me a beer and everything else in between. I’d be sitting at my mom’s watching tv on the futon every night eating no frills doritos if it wasn’t for all you guys. Now it’s just cheese curls.


In other news, my buddy Mike Rainey wrote a second book called Terrible Advice for Parents. It is HILARIOUS. And it’s only $10. BUY IT! You won’t be sorry. Seriously. It’s great. Read his blog. Extra pants to change into because you peed the ones you are wearing not included. But recommended.

Finally, I have some dates coming up in January:

Jan. 2- Catch A Rising Star- Princeton, NJ

Jan. 4- Seymour Swan & Friends- Comedy Cove, Springfield, NJ

Jan. 10-Garden State Comedy Club- Flemington, NJ

Jan. 15- Take 5- Robbinsville, NJ

Hope to see you out there! Have a great holiday, a great new years, and try not to eat an entire ham. That’s my job.