Veggie Comedy Wing Bowl

Hey Everyone,

So January was kind of a slow month. I did some sets at Chuckles in Audubon, that was fun. Great crowds and fun comics.

February came in with a roar with me participating in Hillary Rea & Thunderfoot Larry’s Veggie Comedy Wing Bowl. All of us comics played characters who competed against each other to see who could eat the most Seitan Buffalo Wings. There was also a contest for Mr Wingman 2013, which Alejandro Morales won by bringing out his drag character “Shenanigans Hannigans” and lip sync’d the Whitney Houston Super Bowl National Anthem. Everyone had awesome characters and I played Carol The Crazy Kenzo Mom and competed against my friend and fellow comic Paul Easton, who was Some Penn Douche. It was so awesome and hysterical. Alison Zeidman, of, did a followup interview with my character because I WON! feel free to check it out here!

Feel free to enjoy the insane picture! How cool is that belt??

Carolyn Busa and Carol the Crazy Kenzo Mom (aka Me)
Carolyn Busa and Carol the Crazy Kenzo Mom (aka Me)

I have a bunch of shows coming up soon that are all over PA (Philly burbs, Lancaster, outside Princeton, NJ), so I hope to see some of you out there!