The Rotten Banana Lives

As you probably know, I have a banana suit that has traveled all across the country with me and various other awesome sketch groups and it has appeared in lots of comedy festivals as well. I wore it to my friend Lauren’s birthday party that had a theme of “come as your own wrestler” and my name was The Rotten Banana! My tag line was “I’ll peeeeeel your ass in the ring!”. It was a ton of fun! I also recommend running with that theme for a party, people really dig it. I know I did!

I have a bunch of shows coming up in June, and I am kind of excited about it! Hope you can make it out and, as always. #bringmesandwiches

6/3 – Syndicate Live Comedy @ Larry’s – Santa Monica, CA

6/10 – The Crispy Show @ Universal Bar & Grill – North Hollywood, CA

6/16 – Friendship Buddies @ Verdugo Bar – LA

6/21 – The Ruby Standup Showcase @ The Ruby – West Hollywood, CA

6/23 – Swingin’ Sundays @ Flappers – Burbank, CA