The Rain Finally Stopped

Here in the Philly area, it’s been raining for almost 3 weeks. We have a reprieve for a few days and of course it’s going to start again next week. I’m just going to wrap myself in Saran Wrap and build an ark. How everyone in the Pacific Northwest isn’t dead by now is beyond me.

Now that summer (or as I call it “wondering how I shrunk all those shorts I bought last year” weather) is coming, I’ll be going out to LA again to hang out and do some shows. Here is what I have booked so far:

July 3- Chatterbox Comedy Night, The Chatterbox, West Covina, CA

July 5- The Aftermath, The Lexington Theatre, DTLA

July 6- The Scene, North Hollywood

July 7- Kinda Sketchy Comedy, Hyperion Avenue Tavern, LA

July 8- Sauce, Desano’s Pizza, LA

In between is Disneyland, In and Out, seeing friends and trying not to melt. Hope you guys can make it out!