Springtime Shows!

Well we made it through the death defying hell pit of a winter and here we are in Spring! I’m not gonna say people might have eaten each other during it but let’s follow those flies when it gets warm….

Anywho, I have a bunch of dates in April and May and you really should get out and laugh.

April 12- Standup Evolution- Upstairs at Your Place Restaurant- Lancaster, PA

April 13- The Stress Factory- New Brunswick, NJ

April 18- Opening for The Flat Earth sketch group- Philly Improv Theatre, Philly, PA

April 25- Grovers Mill Coffee Shop, West Windsor NJ

April 30- Free For All, Growlers, Philadelphia, PA

May 16 & 17-Featuring- Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA