Shows Show Shows and Snowing?

Ok, it is the first day of Spring. And it is snowing.

*urge to strangle seasonal depression*.

I have a bunch of stuff lined up for the Spring, so i hope some of you can make it out!!

March 28- Garden State Comedy Club- Flemington, NJ

March 29- One Minute Monologues- Five Dollar Comedy Week- Plays and Players Theatre, Philly, PA

April 1- Chaos Comedy 2nd Anniversary Show- Adobe Cafe- Philly, PA

April 3- The Comedy Show Gates with Joe Gates- L’etage- Philly, PA

April 10-The Nerd Show- Manayuk Live, Manayunk, Philly, PA

April 12- The Comedy Cove- Springfield, NJ

April 15- Fighting Burrito Comedy Show- Doc Watson’s- Exton, PA

April 23- Klimat Lounge, NYC, NY

May 1&2- Manayuks, Manayunk Live, Philly, PA

June 16- The Grape Room- Manayunk, Philly, PA