Polar Vortex In My Pants

Every single day I spend here on the East Coast makes me long for the sun. This crazy winter has turned us all into sun deprived tauntauns (hello, fellow nerds). So there are two things to do: drink beer and lay on the sofa and come see comedy. I’m about 50/50 on all of that.

Here’s some upcoming dates:

Feb 8- Comedy Trainwreck- Daly’s Pub, Phila. PA

Feb 11- Second Stories “Be Mine”- The Dive Bar, Phila. PA

Feb 22- Featuring- Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

March 28- The East Village’s Giggle Pit- Klimat Lounge, NYC

April 4 & 5- Hosting-Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

April 12- Standup Evolution- Lancaster, PA

April 25- Grovers Mill Coffee Shop, West Windsor NJ

So that’s Philly, NYC and Jersey. Unless, of course, the Polar Vortex becomes sentient and devours all of us whole during some upcoming snowstorm. I mean, stranger things have happened….right?

If you need me, I’ll be over here…wrapped in my down comforter stress eating Girl Scout cookies and daydreaming about complaining that my ac doesn’t work and it’s too hot to move.

Or…at a show. Hope to see ya there!