Pandemic Podcasts & Zoom Shows

Hey Everyone!

I managed, so far, to avoid getting the ‘Rona. Huzzah!

But what have I been up to?

Actually, lots of stuff.

Right before the quarantine, I moved to a new place, which was fun. Moving is delightful, like getting your foot run over by a semi carrying chickens.

I’ve also been posting a lot of DidjaEat? Podcast episodes! You can listen to them everywhere you get your podcasts! Or on itunes right here:

The latest one is with Brandie Posey, of the wildly popular Lady to Lady podcast! She’s delightful and you should check it out!

Brandie Posey on DidjaEat?

Also, I have been doing a ton of shows over Zoom. That’s right! Comedy on Zoom. It’s not exactly the same but it’s fun and you can watch comics from all over the world if you want to. So, me and my awesome friend Jimmy Callaway started “No Thanks!”, a twice a month zoom show! It’s a free show (with a $5 suggested donation so we can pay the comics and make socially conscious donation!)! Hit this eventbright below and let us know you are coming! Laughing on your sofa is pretty great. Hope to see you there!

No Thanks! August 8th
No Thanks! August 8th