New Zoom Shows for May!

Hey There!,

Hope everyone is getting their shots and enjoying the warmer weather! I got a cat so I have turned into a cat mom and spend most of my time with him. His name is Archie and he is 6! I rescued him from the East Valley Animal Shelter. He is awesome! Check out his instagram page at

Anywho, I have a bunch of zoom shows coming up in May and one in June (so far). In person shows should be coming soon, so keep an eye out on my calendar (right on the side there of the website).

5/1/21 – CH Comedy Fundraiser! – 10:30PM (PT)

5/3/21 – Nice Guys!- 5PM (PT)

5/20/21 – Think Tank – 5PM (PT)

5/22/21 – No Thanks! – 6PM (PT)

6/17/21 – ZOOMATIO! – 7PM (PT)

If you are interested, hit me up and let me know!

Stay safe and hopefully see you on the road soon!