New Video!

Hey guys,

So a few weekends back I stood in the rain and the mud while watching Tim Butterly have a slow meltdown about getting lyme disease. I was also helping John McKeever (of Bird Text fame) shoot a silly little short called “Samesies”. John knows I love to play a weirdo and there ya go.

Wanna watch? Here ya go. See if you can spot me!

**UPDATE-5-31-13**– This video has been on the front page of Reddit, on Gawker and the Huffington Post! George Takei posted it on Facebook and even Don Cheadle tweeted a link to it, saying it was hilarious. As of right now, 11:17 on May 31st, the video has gotten 558k views on YouTube! Wow! Thanks everyone!

**UPDATE-6-4-13**– Up to 754 thousand views on Youtube and Team Coco posted the link!

**UPDATE-6-21-13**– Up to 889 thousand (889k!!) views on Youtube