May Dates and Condiments

Hey Hey Everyone! So it’s May already, we are almost halfway thru the year and I am halfway through this ham and cheese hoagie. Anybody got a napkin? Anywho, the past month has been nuts, I have had shows, a graduation show for the class I teach at The Ruby Theatre and I covered the MLB Food Fest, where I ate food from all 32 teams! This includes roasted Grasshoppers (tastes like dirt with lime), Rocky Mountain Oysters (spit that right out, that was a vile, vile taste), a fantastic Cincinnati Hot Schnitzel sandwich (I didn’t know “Cincinnati Hot” was a thing and I want more of it) and lots of other super delicious stuff. Check out DidjaEat? on Instagram for lots of pics and videos and stuff!

I also had a chance to do a super funny show at The Pack Theatre and got a sweet tape out of it. Check it out at the end of this post!

Finally, I have a bunch of shows coming up and I hope some of you can make it out! #bringmesandwiches

5/17/2019 Stand Up Showcase at The Ruby, The Ruby, Los Angeles, CA
5/18/2019 Show at Flappers, Flappers, Los Angeles, CA
6/16/2019 Friendship Buddies, Verdugo Bar, Los Angeles, CA

Here is that video, hope ya like it!