It’s Not Over Yet Because I Need To Go See Star Wars

Well, amazing as it seems, this year is over. Christmas is next week and New Years is right behind it. An awesome thing about that is Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are both on a Thursday so 4 day weeks for us cube dwellers! Yay!
And of course, STAR WARS!

Last New Year’s Eve I almost died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning so it’s amazing to me that a whole year has gone by once again. I had a lot of good laughs, fun shows, met some great people and did some fun traveling for comedy as well (Chicago, LA & San Francisco). And of course, STAR WARS!

Thanks to everyone who booked me on a show, came to a show, helped promote a show or bought me a drink because I am terrible with money and am a terrible grownup.

Here are some dates I have coming up in the next few whatevers.

12/19 Comedy Underdogs- L’etage, Philly

1/2 Comedy Death Match- Connie’s Ric Rac, Philly

1/23 Hastag Comedy- QED, Queens, NYC

3/15 Improv Night at The Grape Room- The Grape Room, Philly

And of course, STAR WARS!

**Edited to add: Saw Star Wars. IT WAS AWESOME.