Delicious Hoodie Weather!

Ok, so the Summer wasn’t so bad heat wise (thanks, global warming) so the Fall is lovely right now. Frankly, I am still recovering from the summer time shows. Thanks to all the people who booked me, I covered a lot of ground, from DC back up to North Jersey. It was cool meeting all kinds of new people and I can’t wait to come back.

Also, massive props to my cousin John, who let me crash on his sofa in DC and was a partner in food blog crime! I swear I will have the article up on Didjaeat? as soon as I can! DC is a pretty great food & comedy town, who’d a thought?

Anywho, I have a few dates coming up for the fall and this friday night (Sept. 12) I will be opening for Philly Improv Theatre House Sketch team Goat Rodeo!


Go see Goat Rodeo! I’ll be opening on Sept. 12.