Delicious Fall Dates

Hey Everyone,

It seems just like yesterday that I was excited to not have to deal with the barrage of school busses on the roads. And now they are gearing up to come back this week. In better news, I finally don’t get that “ugh, another school year” feeling in the pit of my stomach. It only took 15 years. That’s normal, right?


I have some fun shows lined up and I hope some of you make your way out to them!

9/21 Tell Me A Story @ Shot Tower Coffee, Philly

9/22 Really Funny Comedians (Who Just Happen To Be Women) @ The Punchline, Philly

10/6 The Theme Show @ PHIT, Philly

10/7 Movie Scrapple, The Adrienne, Philly

10/12 Most Comedic Comedy Show @ L’etage, Philly

10/16 Lucha Lunch @ Ortliebs, Philly (3pm)

10/16 Manayunk Brew Pub, Philly (Free for Teachers!)

10/18 Improv Night @ The Grape Room, Philly