Delco Proper, Hair Salon & Hot Dogs

Hey Everyone!,

I’m back from Chicago! What an awesome city! My friends were super cool to stay with (Yay Dugan and Val!), the people were really friendly (I didn’t even get stabbed on the L!), I ate cool food (go visit Chubby Weiners!!), saw an awesome show (go see Paper Machete at the Green Mill every Saturday afternoon if you can!) and was on a super cool show during the Comedy Expo! Whew!

The fun hasn’t ended since I got back, either. A video I have a tiny part in as a web series pilot for Comedy Central called Delco Proper is BLOWING UP. Check it out below:

and I am in some awesome shows to close out the summer!

July 16 & 18- Opening for Sketch show “Bill Melchior is Dead”- Philly Improv Theatre, Philly, PA
July 29- Ebony and Ivory Showcase- Adobe Cafe, Philly, PA

August 1- Cut Short Comedy- DNA Salon, Philly, PA

August 22- Cabana Grill-Little Ferry, NJ

August 27- Bad Life Choices Tour- L’etage, Philly, PA

August 29- Live Taping of the DidjaEat? Podcast- Tattooed Mom’s, Philly PA

Come out to a show or something!