Cross Country and Back Again

People. The West Coast is where it’s at. And by “where it’s at” I mean “where it isn’t cold”. Also “where the comics are super cool and friendly”. I had a bunch of shows booked, and LA comics don’t have such a great reputation for being the nicest. But I am from Philly and we don’t have a great rep as a city, so I decided to go in with an open mind. I am super glad I did! The comics were amazingly nice! Specifically Scott Luhrs and Steve Hernandez at The Chatterbox, Sean Green at The Studio Sessions show, Tim Harrington at O’Briens, John Tole, and many others that put me on shows, laughed at my jokes, had a beer, talked shop, gave me some recs on mics and shows (and in some cases went with me!) and places to eat and other fun stuff. While the crowds differed from place to place, the comics were very cool and for that, I am thankful.

I also hit Disneyland, did 2 podcast eps with Wes Lieberher and Brendan Kennedy and stuffed my face full of In and Out burger, so mission accomplished! God Bless California.

Now I am back in Philly and it’s not too cold yet (altho it was 77 degrees when I got on the plane to come home. There may have been some weeping involved.). I did a set at the Philly Improv Theatre’s 38 Hour Black Friday Comedy Marathon (spoiler: I was the Stand Up Producer!) and was knocked out by how excited and organized everyone was to get the who thing running for 38 straight hours. Seriously people, Philly Comedy is amazing. Wether it’s improv, sketch or standup, we have some unbelievable talent here. I even did a great podcast episode with Blake Wexler, a friend and Philly comic who is doing awesome things in LA!

The Christmas holidays are right around the corner! Where did 2014 go? Wasn’t it 1986 last year? It really does go quicker each year. I have some fun stuff in the works and I hope Santa brings you guys all the stuff you asked for and more!