Busy Stuff in the Springtime!

Hey There,

So I’ve been kinda busy lately.

Back on May 8th I was on the podcast “Bob and Dave are Terrible People“, which was a lot of fun. I’ll never think of thumbdicks the same way. Check it out here.

I also did some storytelling on Jaime Fountiaine’s show Second Stories show at The Dive here in Philly. Storytelling shows are so much fun and she runs a great one! It was cool to be on her anniversary show, as there were minicupcakes!

And I also went with Paul Easton up to Lancaster to do a show at Stand Up Evolution. I forgot to buy some pies, and I’m still mad at that. I did see a drunk amish kid drive a miniwagon tho, so that was…unique. And amusing.

2 weeks ago I was also in a new video coming out, and of course I play the weirdo. Gotta go with what works right?

I have a bunch of fun stuff coming up soon, so in between your midget porn, sports updates and facebook stalking, swing on by and check it out!

Hope all of you out there are enjoying spring before it gets boiling hot!

Go, Global Warming! Go, Go, Go, Go!



I went to see Pete Holmes last nite and if you have a chance, go see him, He is hilarious!