Back from the West Coast and things are afoot!

Hey Everyone!,

I survived cat sitting and a sunburn on just my left leg (thanks 14 inning Dodger game!) and I’m back here in Philly! I had some awesome shows (thanks to Steve and Scott at the Chatterbox and Barbara Gray at Sauce!) and I got to see some old friends from high school and from the Philly Comedy Scene (my friend JP Boudwin had a great rooftop 4th of July Fireworks viewing. It was amazing to see a 360 degree fireworks show in the middle of Koreatown! Thanks JP!). I even took the Dodger Stadium tour to cap off being a crazy tourist. I recommend it if you can do it. I also ate my weight in In and Out Burger. I love you, In and Out. Never change.

I also did 2 podcast interviews when I was out there as well. The first interview was with Earl Skakel. Earl is a native Angeleno (he’s a unicorn!) and an awesome LA comic. He is also the House Hater at the Comedy Store’s Roast Battle and came in third on the Comedy Central Roast Battle Show. He also has his own podcast “Inappropriate Earl” and I was a guest on that as well! Lastly, he’s a love of 80’s rock, as am I so we had an great talk about all of that!

The second interview I did was with the interesting comic and musician John Tole. John is a super nice dude with some really great theories on life and the world around us, plus comedy and metal. He also plays in the band Pit Boss 2000. Finally, he has a website called Carte Path Diem that he does daily. It’s pretty great, check it out.

I’ll be making my tv debut with my banana suit friday night, August 5th on PhillyCam, the Philly Public Access TV on “Live Culture Presents: Comedy Dreamz”.

Finally, I’ll be doing a live DidjaEat? Podcast on Saturday, August 20th at noon at Amalgam Comics in Fishtown for the Philly Podcast Fest. Hope you guys can make it out!

Check out all the podcast eps here!

Earl Skakel 


John Tole