4th of July and Chicago!!

Hey Everyone!,

It’s been a weird and rainy summer so far but I’ve eaten some ridiculous stuff. Feel free to catch up on these sites:


I am also super pumped to be going to Chicago July 9-12.
I’ll be at the 240 Lounge on the 9th and on a super secret show on the 11th (it’s at a comic shop. If you live in Chicago, you might know where I mean). It’s a super secret show they do once a year and I feel honored that they are having me. Plus I am also just excited to have a little vacation.

I am also off to LA once again from Sept. 23-30, keep an eye out for dates as soon as I set them all up.

So are you going on vacation? Or doing a staycation? Or just sitting with your head in the freezer? If you feel like complaining, remember how bad the winter was and have a popsicle and turn on the ballgame. Or! come to a show.