Here is my third person sounding bio:

While growing up, Nicole fell hard for her first love: comedy. Whether it was sneaking out of bed late to watch stand-ups on Carson & Letterman, staying up to catch Saturday Night Live or memorizing the TV Guide to ensure she caught all the comedy on the tube for the week: Nicole was hooked. Always the funny kid in the group, when she finally rolled up onto the stage, it fit like a glove holding a ham sandwich.

Nicole hit the ground running and became a mainstay in the Philadelphia Comedy Scene. She performs in every place that will have her (and some that will not!) not only in Philly, but all over the Mid-Atlantic area including Helium Comedy Club, Philly Improv Theatre (where she also is the Stand Up Producer for the Black Friday Comedy Marathon), The Comedy Works, Sarcasm Comedy Club, The Stress Factory, Catch A Rising Star and rooms down to DC up to NYC. She ran & hosted the monthly show The Fighting Burrito Comedy Showcase and performed in Philly’s Comedy Month Girls Show. She also performs in storytelling & sketch shows and loves playing oddball characters. She even appeared in the viral web video “Samesies” which was picked up by The Huffington Post, Gawker, The Conan O’Brien website, College Humor and more. The video now stands at over 2 million views on Youtube.

Nicole may take the stage looking a bit like a teenager who just rolled out of bed, however, her jokes about food, kids, pop culture and growing older, hit home with her audiences. She balances the norm of everyday life with oddball thoughts on pop culture and assorted things that tickle her interest. She’s a favorite among all ages that love to turn the mirror on themselves and laugh. That’s the awesome part, as this was her goal, as a little kid sitting way too close to the TV, soaking in the funny.

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