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Spring Forward


May 5, 2017 by yatesy

I have some fun shows coming up now in the Spring!

5/12 Hosting The Teens Monthly Improv Show at Headlong Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 8:30pm

5/30 Hosting Yard Sale Comedy Show @ Bourbon and Branch, Philadelphia, PA8pm

6/9 Banter show with Alison Zeidman at Good Good Comedy Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 8:30pm

6/17 Comedy at Footlighters Theatre, Newtown, PA

Also, here is my set from the show at PJ Ryan’s last nite in Phoenixville, PA. Love that room! 

Upcoming Shows in the 2017


February 21, 2017 by yatesy

Here are some upcoming shows! A festival and 2 shows in Florida! Yay!

Thurs. Feb 23- I Have White Friends – Black History Month Edition!-Good Good Comedy Theatre
March 4: The 2017 Bechdel Test Fest, 7pm
March 10: Feature Spot, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc., 9pm
March 11: Final Outpost: An InterGalactic Cabaret, 10:30pm
March 14: Steak N BJ Comedy Dinner, Devil’s Den Philadelphia
March 22: Laughs on Philly Unpasteurized, MilkBoy South Street
March 24: One Minute Monologues – March Edition! Good Good Comedy Theatre 7pm
March 28: Feature Spot, Yard Sale Comedy, Bourbon & Branch, 8pm
March 29: Eat My Dust, Good Good Comedy Theatre, 7pm
April 1: Shit Sandwich, Bull & Bush Pub, Orlando, Florida
April 5: Spacebar Standup Show, Spacebar, Orlando, FL

New Year New Stuff


January 18, 2017 by yatesy

2017. I remember 1987 (7th grade! Holla!) so this feels a little weird. But after the events of the past 6 months, I think everything feels a little weird, no? And I mean that no matter where you lie on the opinions on ketchup on hot dogs (get over it, Chicago).

This is going to be a ridiculous year, so get out and see some comedy! God knows we will all need a laugh.

Come to a show:

Jan 22: STandup Set @ Fearless Improv Festival, Wilmington, DE 8PM

Jan 27: One Minute Monologues hosted by the amazing Jacquie Baker @ Good Good Comedy Theater 8pm $5

Jan 31: Yard Sale Comedy @ Bourbon and Branch 7pm, $5

Yard Sale Comedy is an all girl comedy collective here in Philly. We are throwing a monthly show with an open mic afterwards (which I have been hosting). It’s a great room, the gang is great and honestly, the food is pretty bad ass. Plus we have some awesome drink specials as well! So come on down and check it out!

Finally, if you ever thought maybe you might want to try doing stand up but have zero information on how to do it (or maybe you just like taking classes!), maybe sign up and take my Stand Up Comedy Class at Philly Improv Theater. It is 6 weeks and you get a show at the end, plus it’ll be a lot of fun! The first class is sold out (!!) but the second class in April is open for enrollment! See you there!


Santa Sneezin


December 4, 2016 by yatesy

Well it’s that time of year again. You know, the one where you ask yourself how to buy presents for anyone because you spent all your money on bills and beer.

Just me?

Ok then, movin on….

I got some dates coming up:

12/8 & 9 The Decoy presents “Hi, Neighbor” @ PHIT

12/19 Broad Comedy @ Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar

12/15 & 16 The Decoy presents “Hi, Neighbor” @ PHIT

12/27 Tattooed Momedy @ Tattooed Mom’s

Also, please watch this video of my good friend Tim Raymus, who passed away in October. I am not exaggerating when I say he was beloved by the Philly Comedy Community and anyone else who ever met him. He was just the nicest, most fun person around. There is a huge, gaping hole in the world without him. I miss the shit out of him. #FaymusRaymus

You can donate to the fund at CHOP in his name (Tim had a heart condition that was corrected when he was 2 at CHOP) here.

Delicious Fall Dates


September 4, 2016 by yatesy

Hey Everyone,

It seems just like yesterday that I was excited to not have to deal with the barrage of school busses on the roads. And now they are gearing up to come back this week. In better news, I finally don’t get that “ugh, another school year” feeling in the pit of my stomach. It only took 15 years. That’s normal, right?


I have some fun shows lined up and I hope some of you make your way out to them!

9/21 Tell Me A Story @ Shot Tower Coffee, Philly

9/22 Really Funny Comedians (Who Just Happen To Be Women) @ The Punchline, Philly

10/6 The Theme Show @ PHIT, Philly

10/7 Movie Scrapple, The Adrienne, Philly

10/12 Most Comedic Comedy Show @ L’etage, Philly

10/16 Lucha Lunch @ Ortliebs, Philly (3pm)

10/16 Manayunk Brew Pub, Philly (Free for Teachers!)

10/18 Improv Night @ The Grape Room, Philly



Sketch Show and Podcast Fest A Rama


August 15, 2016 by yatesy

Ever feel like you are walking right thru an oven during Thanksgiving? Welcome to August in Philly. It’s the worst. Everyone looks like they just got out of a pool 24/7.

I do have some fun stuff coming up that is in Air Conditioning tho!

  1. This Thursday & Friday (Aug. 18 & 19) & next Thursday & Friday (Aug. 25 & 26), my new Philly Improv Theatre House Sketch Team’s brand new show debuts! We have a name but they will reveal it at the shows (lame, yes). We have some amazing sketch openers as well. I am not actually in this show but the writing is amazing (I am on the writing staff) and it should be a blast. Click HERE for tickets.
  2. Saturday, August 20th at Noon I will be doing a LIVE DidjaEat? Podcast from Amalgam Comics in Fishtown for the Philly Podcast Fest. My guests include: Kristin Herrmann (WMMR & BENFM DJ + Badass Roller Derby Girl), Samantha Russell (Badass Comedy Writer & Sketch Performer & Director), Aubrie Williams (Badass Comedy Writer & Performer & Food Annihilator) & Nick Kupsey (Popeye’s Decimator & Stand Up Comic)! Plus, I do a giveaway where you can win a giant bag full of fun food items, and it’s free! So come on down. The facebook invite with all the info is here.


Back from the West Coast and things are afoot!


August 4, 2016 by yatesy

Hey Everyone!,

I survived cat sitting and a sunburn on just my left leg (thanks 14 inning Dodger game!) and I’m back here in Philly! I had some awesome shows (thanks to Steve and Scott at the Chatterbox and Barbara Gray at Sauce!) and I got to see some old friends from high school and from the Philly Comedy Scene (my friend JP Boudwin had a great rooftop 4th of July Fireworks viewing. It was amazing to see a 360 degree fireworks show in the middle of Koreatown! Thanks JP!). I even took the Dodger Stadium tour to cap off being a crazy tourist. I recommend it if you can do it. I also ate my weight in In and Out Burger. I love you, In and Out. Never change.

I also did 2 podcast interviews when I was out there as well. The first interview was with Earl Skakel. Earl is a native Angeleno (he’s a unicorn!) and an awesome LA comic. He is also the House Hater at the Comedy Store’s Roast Battle and came in third on the Comedy Central Roast Battle Show. He also has his own podcast “Inappropriate Earl” and I was a guest on that as well! Lastly, he’s a love of 80’s rock, as am I so we had an great talk about all of that!

The second interview I did was with the interesting comic and musician John Tole. John is a super nice dude with some really great theories on life and the world around us, plus comedy and metal. He also plays in the band Pit Boss 2000. Finally, he has a website called Carte Path Diem that he does daily. It’s pretty great, check it out.

I’ll be making my tv debut with my banana suit friday night, August 5th on PhillyCam, the Philly Public Access TV on “Live Culture Presents: Comedy Dreamz”.

Finally, I’ll be doing a live DidjaEat? Podcast on Saturday, August 20th at noon at Amalgam Comics in Fishtown for the Philly Podcast Fest. Hope you guys can make it out!

Check out all the podcast eps here!

Earl Skakel 


John Tole



The Rain Finally Stopped


May 8, 2016 by yatesy

Here in the Philly area, it’s been raining for almost 3 weeks. We have a reprieve for a few days and of course it’s going to start again next week. I’m just going to wrap myself in Saran Wrap and build an ark. How everyone in the Pacific Northwest isn’t dead by now is beyond me.

Now that summer (or as I call it “wondering how I shrunk all those shorts I bought last year” weather) is coming, I’ll be going out to LA again to hang out and do some shows. Here is what I have booked so far:

July 3- Chatterbox Comedy Night, The Chatterbox, West Covina, CA

July 5- The Aftermath, The Lexington Theatre, DTLA

July 6- The Scene, North Hollywood

July 7- Kinda Sketchy Comedy, Hyperion Avenue Tavern, LA

July 8- Sauce, Desano’s Pizza, LA

In between is Disneyland, In and Out, seeing friends and trying not to melt. Hope you guys can make it out!

Laughing to save some lives


April 24, 2016 by yatesy

I was asked to perform by the improv group Rage Friends on a show to raise money for Laurel House, a domestic violence shelter and center for women to get help. I am happy to say that we raised over $600 for them! It was great to see the standup, improv and sketch communities come together for a great cause.

Here is my set and click here to donate some money!

Goodbye Garry


March 29, 2016 by yatesy

I know Garry Shandling passed away a little bit ago, but I wanted to think about what I wanted to write and it’s not like he’s going to get any less dead so here we are.

When I made my communion in the 3rd grade, my Grandmom bought me a 13 inch color tv for my room. I still remember ripping the wrapping paper off of it and hugging the box like it was a stuffed animal. I had some issues. Anyway, I drug it to my room, plugged it in and became it’s best friend. Now this was in the days before cable, mind you, so all you needed was a good antenna, which that little guy had, so I got all 3 networks (3, 6 & 10), the 2 uhf stations (17 & 29), plus PBS (12). Sometimes, if I spun the tuner dial enough, I could somehow pickup a New York channel and watch some rerun we didn’t get in Philly. But my favorite thing to watch was Late Night TV.

If I kept the volume at a low enough level, my mom wouldn’t hear it (and there was no headphone jack because that wasn’t a thing and closed captioning wasn’t either. How we were able to function in the world is beyond me) and I would try to laugh as quietly as possible. I started watching Carson and after that, Letterman. On Friday nights, I would stay up and watch Friday Night Videos and even that show Fridays (even as a small kid I knew it was a weird and different show that would not last very long). Saturday nights were reserved for Saturday Night Live. I remember the Eddie Murphy years pretty well. They really weren’t as bad as everyone thinks they were, they just weren’t First 5 Years Funny. But really, what is?

Anyway, I loved watching Carson because he always had Standup Comics on. I didn’t know then that it was up to Johnny if the comic got a wave over to the couch but when they did, I would get really excited. It was one thing to see a comic do a set at the end of the show but it was another to see them tell a funny story. And Garry always had a great story after a great set (it was the first time I would hear terms like “The Comedy Store” and that there were clubs you could see these guys in PERSON at!). When he hosted, I would make myself stay up and watch the whole show every time. I would scour the TV section of the paper to see if he was coming on anything. I loved his dry humor, even if some of it went over my head. I knew there was a level I wasn’t getting but I figured I would someday.

When cable finally came around, my Mom wasn’t into it but my friend had it and we would watch episodes of “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show”. We would sing along with the theme song and then laugh at what we understood (and also at Grant’s glasses) and puzzle over stuff we didn’t. But it was unlike any show we had seen prior and we appreciated it’s uniqueness (it broke the 4th wall and everyone knew they were in a sitcom). As I became more and more into comedy, Garry would host awards shows and I would take note of the clever jokes and the way he seemed to not give a shit, without actually….not giving a shit. I read about how he loved playing basketball, even back then (which you got a whiff of from IGSS, because he played a lot on the show), and sometimes I would see him sitting in floor seats at the old Forum during Lakers telecasts.

As a grownup, I thought it would be cool to meet him, maybe see what he thought about the Lakers, or ask him questions about IGSS or Larry Sanders, or just say hello and thanks for making a lonely kid in Philly laugh so hard. But that’s not a thing now.

Thanks Garry. Hope you made that 3 in the sky.


Here are some dates I have coming up:

Wed. March 30- Comedy Roulette, Helium
Sun. April 3- Hosting 6:30 Philly Sketchfest show, Community Education Center, Philly (
Wed. April 6- Feature Spot, Victoria Freehouse, Philly
Thurs. April 7- Warm Town Comedy, Ruba Club, Philly
Sat. April 9- Charm City Comedy, Zissimo’s, Baltimore
Mon. April 18- Rage On: A Night of Comedy, Philly
May 6- Comedy for Gentlemen, The Republican, South Philly

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