Nicole Yates
Comic. Writer. Wiseass.

Nicole Yates

Nicole Yates is a Standup Comic & Writer based in Philadelphia. She has told jokes all over the country in clubs, bars and back rooms at burrito bars. She is also a writer and has written for a local sketch house team, a live late night show and a live sports comedy show among other things. She enjoys pizza, robots and Star Wars. Don’t get her started on Doctor Who. 


Dates, Videos and other Assorted Nonsense

DidjaEat? Videos!

If you aren’t familiar with me and the stuff I do, I have a foodblog (and podcast, check the podcast...

New Video New Dates New Dress New Hat Brand New Ideas As A Matter of Fact

Hey Gang!, So today is my birthday, I am this many today. I have some new dates coming up and...

Back from The Windy Sweaty City

Back from The Windy Sweaty City

I had such a great time in Chicago these past few days! I had a super fun set at the...

Hot Dog, Chicago!

Hey Gang!, I’m excited to say I got accepted into the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival 2018! I am super pumped...