Nicole Yates
Comic. Writer. Wiseass.

Nicole Yates

Nicole Yates is a Standup Comic & Writer based in Philadelphia. She has told jokes all over the country in clubs, bars and back rooms at burrito bars. She is also a writer and has written for a local sketch house team, a live late night show and a live sports comedy show among other things. She enjoys pizza, robots and Star Wars. Don’t get her started on Doctor Who. 


Dates, Videos and other Assorted Nonsense

All The Fall Things

Since we have obviously shown Summer the door (Later, Dork!), Fall is making itself comfy by destroying 2 big pieces...

Baltimore Comedy Festival

Baltimore Comedy Festival

Hey! I am super pumped to say I have been accepted into the Baltimore Comedy Festival! Come see me on...

Summertime Shows

Believe it or not, Standup tends to slow down in August. Even comics go on vacation, I guess. Anywho, here...

Here’s Some New Video!

Video. We all love it. Here is my set from Helium’s Philly’s Phunniest contest! Check out all my other videos...