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Springtime Shows!


April 11, 2014 by yatesy

Well we made it through the death defying hell pit of a winter and here we are in Spring! I’m not gonna say people might have eaten each other during it but let’s follow those flies when it gets warm….

Anywho, I have a bunch of dates in April and May and you really should get out and laugh.

April 12- Standup Evolution- Upstairs at Your Place Restaurant- Lancaster, PA

April 13- The Stress Factory- New Brunswick, NJ

April 18- Opening for The Flat Earth sketch group- Philly Improv Theatre, Philly, PA

April 25- Grovers Mill Coffee Shop, West Windsor NJ

April 30- Free For All, Growlers, Philadelphia, PA

May 16 & 17-Featuring- Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

Podcasts and stuff


April 4, 2014 by yatesy

I was delighted to hang out with Tony Cheslock and be his guest in his podcast Old News Today which is exactly what it sounds like plus hilarity.

Then I was on a little show at Klimat Lounge’s Giggle Pit up in NYC that is also put up as a pGiggle Pit Podcast podcast! So feel free to check that out too!

Finally, my friend Alex Grubard has started a blog about his adventures as a comic over the past ten years in NYC. You should check it out, it’s funny and interesting all in one.

It’s A Podcast!


February 27, 2014 by yatesy

Since around September, I have been trying to get it together to start doing a podcast for my foodblog, DidjaEat?. Between procrastination and not exactly knowing what I was doing, it got pushed to February.

So, I partnered with Vicki Long (@pearlzgirl) and we have put together the first episode of the DidjaEat? podcast. In the future we have some great comics lined up to do spots and interviews as well. But for this episode its just me and Vicki runing our mouths about the foodz.




February 10, 2014 by yatesy

When I’m not writing jokes or stuffing my face with assorted delicious food, I enjoy helping out my fellow comics with video stuff. My friend and fellow comic Alejandro Morales started a web series called Dates, where 2 people go on a first date. I’ve had a bit part in one and have helped out with production on 2 others, and I gotta say, it’s great and really funny! Check it out!

Polar Vortex In My Pants


February 6, 2014 by yatesy

Every single day I spend here on the East Coast makes me long for the sun. This crazy winter has turned us all into sun deprived tauntauns (hello, fellow nerds). So there are two things to do: drink beer and lay on the sofa and come see comedy. I’m about 50/50 on all of that.

Here’s some upcoming dates:

Feb 8- Comedy Trainwreck- Daly’s Pub, Phila. PA

Feb 11- Second Stories “Be Mine”- The Dive Bar, Phila. PA

Feb 22- Featuring- Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

March 28- The East Village’s Giggle Pit- Klimat Lounge, NYC

April 4 & 5- Hosting-Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

April 12- Standup Evolution- Lancaster, PA

April 25- Grovers Mill Coffee Shop, West Windsor NJ

So that’s Philly, NYC and Jersey. Unless, of course, the Polar Vortex becomes sentient and devours all of us whole during some upcoming snowstorm. I mean, stranger things have happened….right?

If you need me, I’ll be over here…wrapped in my down comforter stress eating Girl Scout cookies and daydreaming about complaining that my ac doesn’t work and it’s too hot to move.

Or…at a show. Hope to see ya there!

Holy Crap, It’s Cold


January 3, 2014 by yatesy

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up what’s going on here in Philly. I spent some time out in Los Angeles in December and they had to drag me back kicking and screaming. If anyone has job leads out there, let me know. I have had quite enough of this ridiculous weather, thanks. Brrr…..

Anywho, I hope everyone had a chill holiday season. The comedy rolls on here in Yatesyville. I will be defending Carol the Crazy Kenzo Mom’s title at the 2nd Annual Veggie Wing Bowl on Feb. 1! And lots of other fun stuff here:

Jan 10 & 11: Crazy Cow Comedy- Manayunk, Philly, PA

Jan 14: Polygon Comedy Show- L’etage, Philly PA

Feb. 1- 2nd Annual Veggie Wing Bowl- Adobe Cafe, Philly, PA

Feb 8- Comedy Trainwreck- Daly’s Pub, Phila. PA

Feb 11- Second Stories “Be Mine”- The Dive Bar, Phila. PA

Feb 22- Featuring- Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

April 4 & 5- Hosting-Crazy Cow Comedy Club, Manayunk, Phila. PA

In other news, I put together a little reel of silly things I have been in (with tons of really funny philly comedy peeps).

So stay warm out there. Only a few months until the sun comes back.

Until then, come to a show and drink your face off.

Hoodie Weather


October 21, 2013 by yatesy

Well it looks like fall has finally decided to show it’s face. I’m sure it’ll be here for a short time, so enjoy hoodie weather while ya can!

I have some new shows coming up if you feel like laughing (with me or at me):

10/25 Double Play Comedy Show- Philly Improv Theatre (4th and Bainbridge)

11/1 The Unbookables- Brooklyn Stable, Brooklyn NY

11/9 3rd and Girard Comedy Show- Philly, PA

11/15 Chuckles – Collegeville, PA

11/16 Comedy-Gasm – The Irish Pol, Philly, PA

Zip it up!

Philly’s Phunniest


August 25, 2013 by yatesy

Hey Guys,

So the summer has been hot and I am glad it’s almost over. I’ve been so tired, I haven’t even been chasing the ice cream trucks.

I set up some sweet shows in the near future:

Sept. 8 – Sunday Funnies- Buffalo Billiards, Philly PA

Sept 19 – The Fighting Burrito Comedy Show at The M Room in Fishtown, Philly, PA

Sept 24 – The Full Cup in lovely Staten Island, NY

Sept 25 (my birthday)- The Free For All Show at Rembrant’s in Fairmount, Philly, PA

Sept 26- Soon To Be Named Comedy Show at Ruba in Northern Liberties, Philly, PA

Sept 30- Funny Females at the Italian Market, Teri’s Bar, Philly, PA

Anywho, I didn’t advance in the Helium Philly’s Phunniest competition but I did get a great video out of it. Here it is:

The Sweaty Season


July 8, 2013 by yatesy

For people like me, there are 2 seasons: the sweaty season and the freezy season. This is the sweaty season. I’m not too much of a fan.

I’ve been spending time inside lately. I did Kevin Lau and Dan Scully’s podcast Super Crappy Funtime. That was a blast and they are really fun to talk to!

Check it out here.

I also have a bunch of stuff coming up in July, August & September.

They are all indoor so we don’t die.

July 9- Polygon, at L’etage in Philly

July 14 – Sunday Funnies at Buffalo Billiards- Philly, PA

July 17- East Coast Power Nap at the Troc Balconey in Philly

July 19- Gorged! at The Bean – Philly

August 7- Tom Foolery’s in Middletown, Delaware

August 14 – Helium’s Philly’s Phunniest Contest- Philly, PA

August 29- Puck – Doylestown, PA

August 30 – Sideshow, The Arts Parlour, Philly, PA

September 24- The Full Cup- Staten Island, NY

I’m also working on setting up a podcast, so keep an eye out for that!

Stay in the AC and eat lots of ice cream!


New Video!


May 28, 2013 by yatesy

Hey guys,

So a few weekends back I stood in the rain and the mud while watching Tim Butterly have a slow meltdown about getting lyme disease. I was also helping John McKeever (of Bird Text fame) shoot a silly little short called “Samesies”. John knows I love to play a weirdo and there ya go.

Wanna watch? Here ya go. See if you can spot me!

**UPDATE-5-31-13**- This video has been on the front page of Reddit, on Gawker and the Huffington Post! George Takei posted it on Facebook and even Don Cheadle tweeted a link to it, saying it was hilarious. As of right now, 11:17 on May 31st, the video has gotten 558k views on YouTube! Wow! Thanks everyone!

**UPDATE-6-4-13**- Up to 754 thousand views on Youtube and Team Coco posted the link!

**UPDATE-6-21-13**- Up to 889 thousand (889k!!) views on Youtube

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